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PPR Pipe Toro
PPR Pipe Toro
PPR Pipe Toro
PPR Pipe Toro
PPR Pipe Toro
PPR Pipe Toro
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Specification of PPR Pipe Toro

Is a type of pipe with Poly Propylene Random material that is widely used in our daily life, in terms of water channels especially, as well as for chemical channels. Pipes of this type are usually widely used in the manufacture of hot water channels for hospitals, hotels, or apartments. In addition to hot water pipes, Toro PPR Pipe is used for cold water channels with considerable pressure, in contrast to regular pipelines that can be controlled and accommodated with PVC pipes.

- Hot Water Pipe / Hot Water Pipes
- Cold Water Pipe / Water Pipe
- Foodgrade Pipe
- Hirgrice Building / Apartment / Hotel / Hospital / Home Etc.

PT. Jack Anugerah Indonesia becomes a solid and reliable company in the field of electrical and piping. PPR PORO PORO is one type of pipe that we become distributor, in your solution needs in the field of electrical and piping system.

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