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Insulation Aeroflex Sheet 1/2" (13mm)
Insulation Aeroflex Sheet 1/2" (13mm)
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Sell Insulation Aeroflex Sheet 1/2 "(13mm) low price quality

We sell Aeroflex used as a tool for pipe insulation or insulation that aims to avoid condensation when used in operating temperatures down to -57 ° C (-70 ° F) and protect against hot temperatures up to 125 ° C (257 ° F). Aeroflex Sheet is the proper insulation for temperature control in cold and hot water pipes because the AEROFLEX enclosed cell structure provides many advantages.

Aeroflex Sheet consists of various types and sizes such as Aeroflex Sheet 1/2 "(13mm) has a thickness of 13 millimeters and is elastic so it is easy to plug in the pipe For information price of Aeroflex Sheet 1/2" (13mm) please contact us.

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