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Cable Gland Hawke Brass Nickel Plated 501/453 / RAC / UNIVERSAL
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Cable Gland Hawke Brass Nickel Plated 501/453 / RAC / UNIVERSAL
Cable gland is a connector, amplifier, connector between two sides of the cable end of the electrical components. Cbale gland hawke brass nickel made of bress nickel material so that cable gland is resistant to corrosion and suitable for use outside the environment (outdoor)

- Outdoor or indoor use.
- For use with single w 'armor armor,' X 'wire mesh, steel
tape armor 'Z', elastomers and insulated plastic cables.
- For special use with Cable showing 'Cold Flow'
- See the technical section for installation rules and regulations.

In addition to selling Cable gland we sell other products such as Flexible Metal Conduit, Conduit Pipe Accessories, PPR Pipes (PolyPropylene Random), Max Letatwin, Metal Pipe Conduit, Electrical and Piping System other products. For information on Cable gland hawke prices and further reservations please contact us.

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