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Cable Gland Crouise Hind TMCX
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Sell Cable Gland Crouise Hind TMCX

Specification of Cable Gland Crouise Hind TMCX

Sell ​​Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX

The Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX cable serves as a connector of industrial pipes made of steel coating and gland cable .............................. ...... Unique design features, plus the new FastCuring Chico® LiquidSeal substance, Terminator II TMCX Cable Glands is the simplest and safest solution available. Now available with zero-size glands for applications in the narrow space.

Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX Specifications

Type of Explosion Protection
Gland Type Armored Steel barrier, non-armored barrier, and TECK armored gland
Types of metal-coated cables; TECK (armor plated and welded); unarmed; cable tray - TC, TC-ER (HL)
Size 1/2 "to 4"
Environmental Assessment of NEMA 6P (1/2 "to 1-1 / 4" size 1); NEMA 4 (1-1 / 4 "size 2 to 4")
Aluminum Standard Material
Optional Materials 316 stainless steel or nickel plated brass

Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX Features:

  • Opportunity to experiment for incorrect assembly
  • A simple selection process and preparation help to ensure the right gland is selected at all times
  • Full of all hubs, the seals are perfect in every way
  • The use of nickel-plated brass and stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance and maintain integrity in the harshest environments
  • Chico® LiquidSeal, liquid liquid with fast gel and healing time, reduces waiting time
  • Complete with an integral dam to facilitate liquid pouring
  • The integral union design is reduced the amount of gland time to be assembled and disassembled during installation
  • The mating component has a good lead to ensure. Free from problems, even with the heaviest cables
  • The use of a neoprene seal is required at a temperature from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C; for specific temperature information, contact your personal sales representative
  • Metricink thread size interfacing to machine

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